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Loyalty Program

An Innovative Mileage Program

A socially-responsible and eco-friendly adventure is what we are all about. We think everybody should travel this way... so we put our money where our mouths are.


How it Works

For each mile you travel in a local and ecological way, you feed your Eco-Mile bucket.
Specifically, you can earn:

1.1 Eco-Mile for every $1 spent.
2.10 Eco-Miles for every 1 mile hiked or 1 Eco-Mile for every 3 miles biked.
3.Bonus Eco-Miles for trips that are exceptional in their sustainability.

Redeem your miles

Watching your mileage bucket fill is satisfying in and of itself, however even better is what you can do with them.

1.Receive a discount off future trips.
2.Contribute to a conservation organization. *
3.Buy adventure gear. **
* Coming 2020
** Coming 2020

What's behind it

We use the Pygmy Miles program to encourage travel that is rewarding to the individual and that is sustainable. You receive bonus miles for hiking, biking, skiing and other physical activities and also bonus miles for eco friendly and community based trips. Furthermore, miles can be donated to help communities and conserve wildlife. This is our commitment to Journeys Worth Taking.

Talk to our Adventure Expert

Our Managing Director, Andrew, has been to over 40 countries in his quest for the perfect adventure. He has biked the death road in Bolivia, trekked 500 miles across northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago, cycled from Brussels to Florence and hiked the five sacred mountains of China. Pygmy Elephant is how he spreads his love for adventure and self discovery in the world.