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Self Guided with first day guide


$3,575 USD per person


Private Transport, Baggage Transfers

Pygmy miles


Pygmy miles
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The Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the few world class treks that can be done staying at least partially in five star hotels. In this itinerary, we take in the best of the Alps. The five star hotels here are world class and offer a hard won treat after a long day on the trail.

After arriving at the airport, you will be picked up in a private car and transferred to Chamonix. You'll have the afternoon to recuperate from jet lag. Perhaps you can take in the spa at Hotel Mont Blanc or visit the Michelin star restaurant, Albert 1er, in town. The following day, your "first day guide" will meet you at the hotel to give you a briefing on the tour and answer any questions you may have. Although this is a self guided tour, we include the first day guide in order to better appreciate the region and context of this great hike.

From your second day on you will be hiking on your own. Someone from Pygmy Elephant is reachable by text or phone 24 hours a day. At all of the following accommodations on the tour, we will secure you the highest quality room available. At a minimum, a private room will be waiting for you after your day's hike.

Once you reach the half way point of the tour, you will visit your second five star hotel, the Grand Hotel Courmayeur. You have an extra rest day here, so make sure to check out the spa and downtown area. It's then on tackle the second half of the tour, returning to Hotel Mont Blanc for your final evening. 

We customize the tour to fit your budget and preference. Below are our three most popular choices, but please note that we can combine any of the elements of the below itineraries to tailor it to you and your group. 

Itinerary options

Adjusting the hike to your budget and preferences


$1,650 USD per person
  • 11 NTS / 10 Stages
  • Three NTS at 3-Star Hotels
  • Eight NTS Dorms


$2,375 USD per person
  • 12 NTS / 11 Stages
  • Three NTS 4-Star hotels
  • All Private Rooms
  • Baggage Transfers


$3,575 USD per person
  • 13 NTS / 11 Stages 
  • Four NTS 5-Star Hotels
  • All Private Rooms
  • Baggage Transfers
  • Private Airport Transfers
  • One Rest Day
  • First Day Guide 


$1,500 USD per person
  • 7 NTS / 6 Stages
  • France, Italy and Switzerland
  • Great Infrastructure 
  • 4-Star Hotels and Private Rooms


$1,450 USD per person
  • 6 NTS/ 5 Stages
  • France and Italy
  • More Remote
  • 4-Star Hotels and Private Rooms
...an altitude gain and loss of over 6.2 miles (10 km), which is more than the height of Everest



Trek 107 miles (170 km) around the largest mountain in Europe with an altitude gain and loss of over 6.2 miles (10 km), which is more than the height of Everest.

Wildlife Viewing

Along the trek, it is not uncommon to spot several species of wildlife native to the Alps. Of note are the chamois (a goat-antelope type species), and the marmot (looks a bit like a beaver).

And also

You will visit tiny hamlets hidden deep in the mountains, experience awe inspiring views and challenge yourself along the storied and picturesque Alps. 


The Tour du Mont Blanc is a long distance trekking trail passing through France, Switzerland and Italy. The complete circuit is approximately 107 miles and has an altitude gain and loss of 6.2 miles (10 km), which is more than the height of Everest. The trail can be completed by marathon runners, however, it is comfortably hiked in 11 days (for the very fit, 7 or 8 days will provide a decent challenge). 





Transfer and overnight in Chamonix

After arriving at Geneva Airport, you will be transferred to your hotel in Chamonix. Enjoy the onsite spa and pool during the day. Get plenty of rest, because tomorrow your journey begins. Overnight at Hotel Mont Blanc or similar 5 star hotel.


Chamonix to Les Houches

Climb on the gondola to ride from Chamonix Valley to Planpraz. On your very first day, weather permitting you will have a clear view of Mont Blanc. After savoring the view, you will make your way downhill to Les Houches(3,300 feet / 1,007 meters). (B,D) Overnight at Hotel du Bois or similar 3-star hotel. If you would like another evening at Hotel Mont Blanc, we can arrange transport back to Chamonix.

Duration: 4.75 hrs
Distance: 12.9 km / 8 miles
Highest Point: 2,525
Elev. Gain: 499 m
Elev. Loss: 1,509
Difficulty: Medium to Hard
Lowest Point: 976 m


Les Houches to Les Contamines

Today’s hike via Bionnassay will take between 5 and 6 hours and you will cross over your first Col (or saddle) at Col de Voza (5,423 feet / 1,653 meters). Although there are some stretches of road walking today, you will be rewarded with a view of the spiky Aiguilles that guard Mont Blanc and a view of Dôme du Goûter with an impressive glacier ripping down its side. For more experienced hikers, an alternative route via Refuge de Miage offers even more breathtaking high mountain views. (B, D) Overnight at La Chemenaz (four star).

Duration: 5.5 hrs
Distance: 16.7 km / 10.4 miles
Highest Point: 1,672 m
Lowest Point: 994 m
Elev. Gain: 1,002 m
Elev. Loss: 844 m
Difficulty: Medium


Les Contamines to Les Chapieux

A beautiful, yet difficult stage, today you will be heading over Col du Bonhomme. Please note that you are now entering a more wild section of the TMB - there will be no ATMs until you reach Courmayeur. Still, there are quite a few shelters along the way. After passing by Refuge Nant Borrant and Refuge de la Balme, you will reach Col du Bonhomme. From there, it is still another 2 km to go before you reach Refuge de la Croix du Bonhomme. Stop in and have a Belgian beer or perhaps a home-made cake from Coco, to gather your strength. You can then descend 5.3 km to Les Chapieux within 1.5 to 2 hours. (B, D) Overnight at Les Chambre du Soleil or in a hotel in Bourg St. Maurice

Duration: 7 hrs
Distance: 20.1 km / 12.5 miles
Highest Point: 2,486 m
Lowest Point: 1,143 m
Elev. Gain: 1,344 m
Elev. Loss: 930 m
Difficulty: Hard


Les Chapieux to Cabane du Combal

The day starts with a gradual ascent in the Viille des Glaciers. There is a new trail off to the side of the road, located around 20 minutes from Les Chapieux. It takes about two hours to get to Refuge Les Mottets. Afterwards, there will be a lot of elevation gain as you will be passing over Col de la Seigne, which has a height of 2,509 meters. At the top, you will have a view of both France and Italy, quite stunning! It’s then a steady descent down to Refugio Elisabetta, which sits at 2,195 meters above sea level on the side of a mountain. You can then descend further into the Val Veny, along the waters of Lake Combal. At the end of the lake, in a privileged position, sits Cabane du Combal. If you have time constraints or wish to avoid staying in a mountain hut, you can combine this stage with the next one and overnight in Courmayeur. (B,D) Overnight at Cabane du Combal in private room.

Duration: 6 hrs
Distance: 16.9 km / 10.5 miles
Highest Point: 2,509 m
Lowest Point: 1,551 m
Elev. Gain: 973 m
Elev. Loss: 549 m
Difficulty: Medium to Hard


Cabane du Combal to Courmayeur

Ciao Bella! You are in Italy. Today's hike begins with an undulating terrain and ends with a downhill section to reach Courmayeur in the valley. A stunning day of scenery lies before you, with views of Glacier de Miage, Lac Combal and Mont Blanc itself. Courmayeur is the Italian equivalent of Chamonix and enjoys a rich history of alpine climbers, as evidenced by the varied sculptures hanging out by the central cathedral. Today, it is a high class resort town both in the winter and summer. Overnight at Grand Hotel Courmayuer (B).

Duration: 5 hrs
Distance: 13.2 km / 8.25 miles
Highest Point: 2,422 m
Lowest Point: 1,173 m
Elev. Gain: 522 m
Elev. Loss: 1,252 m
Difficulty: Medium


Rest Day

Today, you have a free day to explore Courmayeur. This small resort town is the Italian gateway to the Mont Blanc Massif. Similar to Chamonix in France, Courmayeur boasts a rich history of alpine mountaineering. Popular tourist attractions are the botanical garden and the Skyway Monte Bianco, which links up with Téléphérique de l’Aiguille du Midi (via Vallee Blanche Aerial Tramway) to give tourists access to Chamonix, France over the Alps.


Courmayeur to Chalet Val Ferret

One of the prettiest stages of the tour, the flank of Mont de la Saxe and the glaciers of Planpincieux and Frebouze are on display throughout most of the day. Running beneath you is the Val ferret. Today, you have the choice to follow the new main
route to Refugio Bonatti, which takes a lower path that avoids a lot of elevation gain, or one of the old TMB routes, which rise higher and give even more impressive views of the Mont Blanc Massif. The alternative higher routes push you to 2,520
meters, whereas the main route levels out around 2,040 meters. There is also a cheat for the weary hikers. You can take a bus all the way to Arp Nouvaz Cap, which is only five minutes from Chalet Val Ferret. Overnight in private room with ensuite at Chalet Val Ferret (B, D) or return to Grand Hotel Courmayeur for another night via transfer (B).

Duration: 6.5 hrs
Distance: 17.1 km / 10.7 miles
Highest Point: 2,069 m
Lowest Point: 1,207 m
Elev. Gain: 1,182 m
Elev. Loss: 623 m
Difficulty: Medium


Chalet Val Ferret to La Fouly

Do you hear those cow bells? That's the sound of Switzerland. The high point of today's hike is the Grand Col Ferret (8,356 feet / 2,537 meters) and is a taxing climb that separates Italy from Switzerland. The TMB in Switzerland may lack some of the big mountain appeal of Italy and France, but it more than makes up for it with the idyllic landscape and quaint hamlets of the Val Ferret (the name of the valley where the TMB snakes through Switzerland). (B,D) Overnight in Hotel Edelweiss in La Fouly

Duration: 5 hrs
Distance: 13.7 km / 8.6 miles
Highest Point: 2,537 m
Lowest Point: 1,594 m
Elev. Gain: 828 m
Elev. Loss: 1,013 m
Difficulty: Medium


La Fouly to Champex

After your long hike up Col Ferret, you are rewarded with perhaps the easiest stage of the TMB. Today's hike is through a valley dotted with farms and pastoral life. It's a throwback to a different time. Take your time here and let a slower way of life fill your day. (B,D) Overnight at Hotel Splendide.

Duration: 4.5 hrs
Distance: 17.1 km / 9.1 miles
Highest Point: 1,602 m
Lowest Point: 1,050 m
Elev. Gain: 392 m
Elev. Loss: 603 m
Difficulty: Easy


Champex to Trient

The main route snakes its way up and offers views of the Martigny valley below. Although not as hard as some sections, it is a challenging stage. An alternative to Fenêtre d’Arpette should be considered in clear weather and is on of the highest points reached on the TMB at 8,743 feet (2,665 meters). Total hiking time for the main route is 5 to 6 hours and for the alternate it is 7 to 8 hours. Overnight in La Grande Ourse in private room with ensuite (B, D).

Duration: 5.5 hrs
Distance: 16 km / 10 miles
Highest Point: 2,048 m
Lowest Point: 1,291 m
Elev. Gain: 728 m
Elev. Loss: 934 m
Difficulty: Easy to Medium


Trient to Argentière

Ah Cherie, you have made it back to France. The trip from Trient to Argentière is not particularly difficult and you catch the first glimpse of the rounded peak of Mont Blanc since you left Italy. In France, you return to the Vallée de l'Arve, which appears at the foot of the Monarch of the Alps (Mont Blanc). Today's hike should take between 6 and 7 hours. Overnight at the four star Hotel Grands Montets (B, D)

Duration: 6 hrs
Distance: 15.3 km / 9.6 miles
Highest Point: 2,209 m
Lowest Point: 1,244 m
Elev. Gain: 1,142 m
Elev. Loss: 1,161 m
Difficulty: Medium


Argentière to Planpraz

Today has some of the best views of the entire tour. The route goes to Refuge la Flégère via a series of ladders and metal steps hammered into stone. In about 3.5 hours, you'll reach Refuge La Flegere. Next, continue 2 hours on the Grand Balcon Süd until you reach the cable car at the Planpraz station. There is little hydration on this stage, so make sure to fill up before leaving Argentiere. The alternate route is a bit steeper and gains elevation quicker than the main route. Located soon after the merging of the Col des Montets route and the main TMB trail, there is detour that goes to Lac Blanc. The lake provides a picturesque view of Mont Blanc with the lake set in the foreground – a good spot for a picture of the peak reflecting off the shimmering blue water.. Congrats! You've done it. Take the lift down to Chamonix from Planpraz and enjoy your evening at Hotel Mont Blanc (B).

Duration: 6 hrs
Distance: 14.2 km / 8.9 miles
Highest Point: 2,130 m
Lowest Point: 1,244 m
Elev. Gain: 1,292 m
Elev. Loss: 533 m
Difficulty: Medium



After a leisurely breakfast, you have the day open until your flight to enjoy the town. Alternatively, why not have a spa day? You've earned it. Transfer to Geneva airport provided. Ciao! Au revoir!

Pygmy miles

Pygmy Miles Total

3575pygmy miles

Base Miles

You earn 1 Pygmy Mile for each $1 you spend with us.

1070pygmy miles

Hiking Distance

You earn 10 Pygmy Miles for every mile that you hike. Get fit and get rewarded.

468pygmy miles

Ascend More Feet Than Everest

The complete circuit is approximately 107 miles (170 km) and has an altitude gain and loss of over 6.2 miles (10 km), which is more than the height of Everest. If you make it all the way to the end, Pygmy Elephant will reward you with a 25% bonus.

468pygmy miles

Benefit Local Communities

A 25% bonus is given for supporting the economies of small hamlets, villages and locally owned refugios that may otherwise be missed if not for making the trek.

Total Pygmy Miles

5581pygmy miles



Hotel Mont Blanc


Hotel Mont Blanc impresses with spacious rooms and interiors designed by the renown French interior architect Sybille de Margerie. Margerie combined the style of Chamonix with contemporary luxuries. After a day in the mountains, head to the outdoor heated pool heated, which stretches over 14 meters with a spectacular view of the Mont-Blanc. Alternatively, relax in the 250m2 spa and hammam and soothe your tired muscles.

Hotel du Bois

Les Houches

The three star Hotel Du Bois in the heart of Les Houches offers a spa, restaurant and pool. If you need a drink, pull up a stool at Barry's Bar or head out to the garden for a drink in the Alpine sun.

La Chemenaz

Les Contamines

Located in Les Contamines, the Chalet-Hotel La Chemenaz offers 4-star accommodation facing the Mont Blanc range. Onsite facilities include restaurant, bar and spa. Pygmy Elephants offers an upgrade to a suite free of charge on availability.

Les Chambre Du Soleil

Les Chapieux

A small family run inn, the ensuite rooms feature furnishings typical of the region. Celine and Pierre will welcome you and be your hosts in Les Chapieux.

Cabane du Combal

Val Veni

This mountain hut is located in a beautiful location, on the banks of a pristine river fed by glaciers. Although it is a hut, it features spacious, private rooms with ensuite bathrooms.

Grand Hotel Courmayeur


The five star Grand Hotel Courmayeur is a luxury hotel located in downtown Courmayeur. The service and hospitality is warm, and the staff are willing to go the extra mile to assist clients. Restaurant La Fourchette is located on site and is sure to please with attentive staff and innovative dishes. The Spa Elysium is 500 sq meters of paradise that will get your wary muscles ready for a new round of trekking.

Chalet Val Ferret

Val Ferret

Marcella will warmly welcome you to her Chalet in the Val Ferret. It features private rooms with ensuite bathrooms, a restaurant and bar.

Hotel Edelweiss

La Fouly

Hotel Edelweiss is a bed and breakfast hotel featuring a modern and updated lobby and dining area. Located directly on the TMB, the hotel strikes a good combination of hospitality, comfort and location. Wi-Fi is available downstairs. Dorms and private rooms with showers are available.

Hotel Splendide


Located next to a beautiful alpine lake, this three star hotel gets high marks for service and large rooms.

La Grande Ourse


The private ensuite rooms have been refurbished and provide a comfortable night’s sleep. The small touches of Clarins products show the caretakers attention to detail. In 2019, a new bar was built for hikers to enjoy a pint or spirit after a long day.

Hotel Grands Montets


Hotel Grands Montets is a four star hotel in Argentiere. "Renovations began in 2000 and soon the inside pool was built as well as a fitness and spa area, including a sauna, hammam, and massage parlor. All shared areas were renovated using old wood, stone, warm shades and antique furniture in order to recreate the cosy and homely atmosphere of an alpine chalet." - Hotel Les Grands Montets

Practical info


Pygmy Elephant will customize your trip to meet your fitness, budget and accommodation desires. However, as a frame of reference, the pricing of our base itinerary is listed below:

Approximately $3,575 per person based on double occupancy


Included in the base itinerary:

  • 13 nights accommodation: Four nights at 5-star hotels, two nights at 4-star hotels, three nights at 3-star properties, three nights at inns / one star hotels, and one night at a high mountain hut. All in private accommodation, but subject to availability.
  • Personalized Handbook with your customized itinerary. Customers often mention how much they appreciate this handbook as part of their trek.
  • Customer service: smoothing out the headaches 24/7
  • Nine baggage transfers to keep you light
  • 13 breakfasts, 9 dinners
  • Public Transport and Lift Explanation Booklet
  • Personalized Travel App with the complete itinerary
  • Premium GAIA GPS App and GPX File
  • Private Transfers from and to Geneva Airport
  • First day guide for trekking from Planpraz to Les Houches
  • Rest day in Courmayeur
  • Turn-by-Turn Guidebook
  • Two Maps - Western and Eastern portions of the tour


Not included

  • Airfare
  • Lunches and dinners in Chamonix and Courmayeur
  • Cable car, public transport and taxi fees (although we can pre-order taxis and include in the price of your tour).

Service Categories

Pygmy Itineraries

After initial consultation, we will adjust the itinerary to your experience, preferences and time constraints. It is possible to skip the mountain huts altogether, but this involves more transfers and more. The standard tour has a good mix of huts and hotels and is a popular choice. Still, we can customize your tour in any of the following ways:

  • In Chamonix and Courmayeur, we also have 4-star and 5-star partners. 
  • Additional rest days in Chamonix, Courmayeur, Champex or anywhere in between
  • To skip the mountain hut, it's possible to substitute in an extra day in Courmayeur at the five star hotel and use transport to get from and to the trailhead. Similarly, it's possible to skip the stay at Chalet Val Ferret using transport to return you to Courmayeur at the end of the day and start of the next.
  • To stay additional nights at the five star hotel in Chamonix, we can use transport to get you from Les Houches back to Chamonix at the beginning of your trek and from Argentiere at the end.
  • Alternatively, we can include more nights in huts (in private accommodation) if you prefer the lively atmosphere they provide.
  • We can shorten or lengthen the number of hiking days. For example, if you are quite fit and experienced hikers, or if you are pressed for time, we can reduce the number of hike days. Depending on how we set up your itinerary, it's also possible to take some public transport to shorten some of the days.


not available

The trek is only possible in the summer months, when the passes are clear of snow and ice. In late June, the Tour du Mont Blanc shows off its color with wild flowers, but there may be snow and ice on the passes. Heavy travel periods are between the middle of July and the end of August. September can be a great time for the TMB, when the temperature is a bit cooler and there are fewer hikers on the road.

Self Guided

Self guided

Self guided does not mean you are alone. We help you coordinate and plan your trip beforehand. Once you are on your way, we provide 24 hour customer service in case there are any issues with your bookings.

Challenge Level

Technical Ability

Level : Medium

Mental Strength

Level : Medium

Physical Conditioning

Level : High

  • According to the La Chamoniarde, a society dedicated to the prevention and rescue of mountain activities in France, the Tour Du Mont Blanc "... is adapted to any well-trained hiker used to hiking on mountain trails and familiar with carrying a backpack. This well-maintained and well-marked route can be tricky if hiked before the end of June/ early July, when mountain passes may still be covered in snow (light crampons, trekking poles, and ice axe may come in handy)". If you have little previous trekking experience, a group tour or privately guided tour is suggested. When the passes are free of snow, no technical mountaineering equipment is necessary. Still, you should be able to use a compass and a map. As such, the tour is rated as medium for technical ability.
  • Mental Strength is rated at medium because one must keep good spirits to complete the trip without transfers. Furthermore, the communal nature of the mountain huts can be loved... or hated. It depends on the mind frame of the traveler.
  • Lastly, physical conditioning is rated at high if no transfers are taken. Using public transport, ski lifts and private transport, the physical conditioning can be reduced significantly. We can provide a thorough explanation of transport options on the route.

Talk to our Adventure Expert

Our Managing Director, Andrew, has been to over 40 countries in his quest for the perfect adventure. He has biked the death road in Boiliva, trekked 500 miles across northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago, cycled from Brussels to Florence and hiked the five sacred mountains of China. Pygmy Elephant is how he spreads his love for adventure and self discovery in the world.