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Located in what many believe to be one of the most biodiverse places on earth, the Explorer's Inn Ecolodge provides one of a kind opportunities to explore the famous Amazon rainforest. When it was founded in 1975 it raised its flag as one of the first locations in Peru allowing visitors to experience the Amazon first hand. If where you stay is all about location then this historic spot couldn't be in a better place, as it sits perfectly at the confluence of the La Torre and Tambopata rivers.

Each bedroom has a porch providing guests 24/7 access to wildlife scattered throughout the lodge's grounds. A world famous laboratory call this area its home and the innovative research done around the lodge made sure this location was set aside for long term protection. A record of 620 different bird species have been spotted throughout the forest and the luckiest of guests will even lock eyes with the ever elusive Jaguar. 

The main lodge building is built around a living Ironwood tree known to the locals as Shihuahaca and is considered one of the most sacred landmarks in the entire region. You won't find a better place in Southeastern Peru to immerse yourself in all things the Amazon has to offer. Truly a special place.



Soak up unfiltered sunrises and sunsets with morning or evening walks.

Wildlife Viewing

Parrots, monkeys and giant otters are just a few animals off the long list that call this area home.


Hunt for alligators by boat or access astonishing Macaw clay licks.


The lodge sits within the Tambopata Nature Reserve which protects 274,690 hectares of rainforest in the Madre de Dios province of eastern Peru. Research has concluded that this area of forest has the greatest diversity of all wildlife, within a single locality, on the entire planet. The population is made up of over 600 bird species and 1,200 butterflies, along with many other animal groups form monkeys to alligators.

This unique ecological locations has garnered its fame based on the three important biomes that converge in the area. Locations like the Pampas Savannah and flooded swamps come together with the Amazon rainforest, creating an epicenter for diversity. In 1977 the reserve was set aside for long-term protection as a direct result of research undertaken at the Explorer's Inn Ecolodge.




The itinerary listed below is just one of the many examples of activities that can be arranged by the lodge. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in longer or shorter programs.

Explorer's Inn Dinner Lodge


Lodge arrival and alligator search

After being picked up at the airport in nearby Puerto Moldonado you will make your way to the native community of Infierno. From here, you will embark on a 1.5 hour boat ride to your home of the next 3 nights.

Along the way you will alert the La Torre control point of your presence in the reserve before finally arriving with a greeting from the lodge manager.

A perfectly timed rest will give you extra energy prior to your search for the endangered Caiman. Aboard the boat your naturalist guide will lead the adventure with a spotlight to scan the banks of the river. The perfect introduction to the Amazon.

(Meals: L,D)


Spotting the Giant Otter

Sometimes early mornings don't feel that early when you can sense the anticipation. Today you will rise bright and early to hike 5.5 KM towards Cocococha Lake, home of the Giant Otter.

Throughout the journey your local guide will explain the principal ecosystems of the tropical forest and point out the diverse species of fauna you will encounter on the path.

Aboard a small catamaran you will play a game of hide and seek with the otters as well as other wildlife only found in this area.

Before returning to the lodge you will make the climb up a 42 meter high viewing tower to scan layers of the forest and soak in the sunset.



The fasctinating Macaw clay lick

Some things you have to see to believe and the Macaw clay lick is no exception.

A 10 minute boat ride from the lodge will bring you to an exposed area of clay that has an especially high concentration of salt and other important minerals. For the parrots and parakeets of the reserve it is Heaven on earth!

After snapping some amazing pictures you will visit a local farm which belongs to a neighboring community. Various natural products from the area will be available for you to try.

(Meals: B,L,D)


Return to Puerto Maldonado

Once you wake up from a great night of relaxation you will be assisted by the lodge's staff in preparation for your return back to Puerto Maldonado.

The departing boat ride gives you one last chance to appreciate one of the most unique habitats on earth!

(Meals: B)

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Explorer's Inn Tambopata Ecolodge


Rooms are spread out in a series of thatched bungalows built on raised platforms. Each bedroom has a porch, complete mosquito netting and a private bathroom with shower. A dining room and bar can be found in the main lodge building. The locally designed bungalows provide perfect opportunities for 24/7 wildlife viewing.
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Practical info


Featured Giant Otters, 4 day / 3 night itinerary:

$512 per person in Triple Room

$569 per person in a Double Classic

$655 per person in a Matrimonial Classic

$769 per person in a Single Classic

There are nine different programs that Explorer's Inn offers. To download the pricing PDF, please click Tarifas explorers 2015-2016.


Included in the price:

  • Transfers into and out of the Eco Lodge by boa
  • Accommodation 
  • Entrance into Tambopata National Reserve
  • All meals from Lunch on the first day, to Breakfast on the last day. 
  • Naturalist guide for the specified excursions. 
  • Wellington Boots upto size 11. 

Not included:

  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Alcohol



not available

It is possible to visit Explorer's Inn all year round. The dry season runs from April / May until October. The dry season, still can be humid, however the amount of mosquitos is less than the Wet Season, which runs from November to March. As such, it may be slightly more comfortable to visit from April to October. 

Level of Guiding

Join a guided tour

You will be joining other guests on shared guided tours. Programmed tours as described in Tour Descriptions will be guided by official Peruvian tour guides which are part of its staff. At meals English speaking Resident Naturalists (RN) are available for consulting. Due to the remote location of the lodge, in rare occasions a RN might exceptionally not be available.

Service categories

Consult & Book

From Scratch

It is possible to book only Explorer's Inn with us. However, Pygmy Elephant specializes in creating completely customized itineraries that includes not only Explorer's Inn, but multiple other stops in Peru or all of South America. We can combine Explorer's Inn with other adventure destinations like Machu Picchu, or with privately guided tours in Cusco. We have the resources and knowledge to plan your trip from end to end. Please let us know in your travel inquiry which level of service you would like. 

Consult and Book includes:

  • Initial Consultation: We wil discuss budget, experience and desires, then suggest 3 trip ideas. 
  • Pre-departure support: What to pack, arranging travel insurance and informing on travel advisories.
  • 24 hour customer service: If something goes wrong, we have your back.
  • Best Price Guarantee: if you find a better price on the internet, we'll match it.
  • Pygmy Miles: Receive discounts off future travel

From Scratch includes all of the above, plus:

  • Complete Customization of Itinerary: After consultation, we create a complete, end to end customized itinerary that fits you perfectly. 
  • Budget fit: We create the itinerary based on your budget. You say how much you can pay, and we make an itinerary that fits.  
  • In depth research: You may have a request that requires in depth research. This is always included in From Scratch Itineraries. 
  • Price Transparency: We break the price down to each payable line item. 


Challenge Level

Technical Ability

Level : Low

Mental Strength

Level : Medium

Physical Conditioning

Level : Medium

A trip into the Amazon can be done by most people in reasonable health.

Technical ability - there are no technical skills required to visit the lodge.

Mental Strength - the Amazon can be a humid, damp and insect heavy location. You will have modern comforts like ensuite bathrooms and toilets, however you will still need to prepare yourself for a different environment that is slightly less hospitable than you are used to. 

Physical Conditioning - Some activities require a moderate amount of physical conditioning, such as the 11 km hike. Boat rides are less strenuous and can be done by almost all individuals. 

How you book a trip with us

For all service levels, the booking process is the same. 

Step 1) 30 Minute Consultation with an adventure travel expert

We are both a adventure travel agency and an independent tour operator. That means we can book organized group tours with scheduled departures and we can create completely customized itineraries for you. You tell us what keeps you from working during the day because you are daydreaming of a land far away. And then we find it for you. 

Step 2) Three Personalized Trip Ideas that will knock your socks off

After our consultation, we go to work in our Travel Laboratory and get to work. We evaluate your experience, your preferences and budget and come up with three ideas that are completely unique to you. There is no cost for the first two steps of the process.  

Step 3) Customization and expert booking of your vacation

After discussing the options and perfecting the itinerary if it’s a customized trip, we book the travel for you. In most cases, you pay us directly and we pay the suppliers. The one exception is for organized tours. In this case, you pay the operator directly. 

Step 4) Have the time of your life

Go out and get stuck into your adventure. We have your back with 24 hour customer service. If any issues arise, we are just a text, email or phone call away. 

Hit the "BOOK NOW" Button to schedule your consultation today! 

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