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Pygmy miles
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In the 1970s, six Kichwa families from the Napo region set out to find an uninhabited space to create a a new community. After many years of development and in order to protect their traditional way of life, the families organized themselves behind a tourism project. In 2007, the Yasuni Lodge became 100% community owned. 

Today, the Yasuni Eco Lodge provides travelers with a rare glimpse into the way of life of the Amazonian Kichwa. At the lodge and surrounding communities, you will meet people with a different view on life, friendship, marriage and religion. You will interact with community leaders and local shaman, in order to understand the role of gender and dynamics between generations. 

The Eco lodge is located inside Yasuni National Park, which is a bio diverse region of the Ecuadorian Amazon - the park holds a record 150 amphibian species. Your Kichwa guides will take you into the forrest to track wildlife. They know where the owls are sleeping, where the monkeys are nesting, where the caiman are hiding and where the eagles are roosting.

...the park holds a record 150 amphibian species.



You will arrive via a motorized canoe on the Napo River, remembering to be on the lookout for kingfishers, heron and other species of birds.


Trek through the cornucopia of medicinal plants in the surrounding jungle.

Cultural immersion

Visiting Yasuní Kichwa Eco Lodge is an opportunity to engage in a most-extreme cultural exchange program, with a unique society a world apart from any contemporary lifestyle, but who’s worldview is universal and will always be a meeting point between all opposing realities.

Wildlife Viewing

Join your English speaking Kichwa guide on excursions into the forest to find owls, monkeys, eagles and frogs.

And also

  • Visit Salt Licks where parrots, parakeets and parrotlet species come in droves to detox. Occasionally, tapirs, ocelots and owls will wander in to sample the licks. 
  • Visit the Interpretation Center “Kuri Muyu” handled by the women of the community here learn about the Kichwa culture, crafts, Traditions and traditional use of natural resources directly to people in the community.


Located 250 km from the capital city of Quito, the Yasuni National Park is a Unesco Biosphere reserve located in the Amazon Rain Forest of Ecuador. Arguably one of the most bio-diverse locations on the planet, the park holds the world record for amphibian species, with over 150 distinct varieties. Several groups of first nation people, including the Huaorani and Kichwa live in or around the National Park. The park also holds more than 382 distinct fish species, 596 bird species and over 220 plant species. 




Below is a sample 4 day, 3 night itinerary. It is possible to customize the experience a traveler has, so please discuss with us what you would like to get out of a trip to Yasuni. 


Canoe on Napo River to Lodge

Yasuni Kichwa Ecolodge is located on the south bank of the Napo River, the largest river of the Ecuadorian Amazon and the Yasuni National Park. The trip starts from the town of Coca in comfortable ecological roof canoes, outboard motors operated. The canoe trip down the river takes about two hours, box lunch will be provided to Passengers. During the navigation you will see birds such as herons, kingfishers, terns and other shore birds species and beautiful landscapes. Arriving at Yasuní Kichwa Ecolodge, visitors are warmly welcome with a traditional drink, lunch at the Ecolodge and immediately taken to their cabins amidst the teeming wilderness found on one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth. In the afternoon, a short walk down to the banks of the Napo River to enjoy a beautiful sunset on the beaches and islands naturally returns for dinner and rest.


Clay Lick, Kuri Muyu and Observation Tower

Breakfast and early departure on board the boat to visit an amazing parrot clay lick that with an easy access brings visitors face to face with approximately 11 species of parrots (including parrotlets and macaws), depending on the seasons, weather conditions and general good fortune. (This activity is usually successful). We end This Morning With A visit to the Interpretation Center “Kuri Muyu” handled by the women of the community here learn about the Kichwa culture, crafts, Traditions and traditional use of natural resources directly to people in the community. We return for lunch and take a break in the lodge. Walk of one hour to climb up the observation tower of 35 meters likely to see a variety of birds, howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys, toucans, parrots and sloths. Return to the hotel in a motorized canoe, traditional typical dinner.


Wildlife Safaris

Breakfast visit around the community projects, talk about the worldview Kichwa Addition to medicinal and walk in the Mama Cuna road, excellent opportunity to see more wildlife, ceiba trees, strangler, bamboo cane, vines and shrubs endemic from Yasuní. We return for lunch and rest at the lodge. Once at Añangu stream, you will board a small canoe and head down the river in a spectacular adventure through the forest with opportunities to see nightlife alligators and to listen to the sounds of nature at its purest. Return to hotel in motorized canoes, traditional typical dinner.



We get up at 4: 30 am to share one of the ancient customs of the Kichwa culture, making wayusa to energize the body listen, to the Kichwa songs and mind and think about important issues in a peaceful and unique way; then we get back for breakfast, before taking a motorized canoe back to the city of Coca. The program of 5 days or longer offers the opportunity to live a unique experience navigating the Napo River on an eco-catamaran which takes you to see tropical birds such as orioles, caciques, parrots, Several Species of herons, caracaras, doves, anis , terns and other species of primates.
You can also practice water sports such as tubing or regatta on the Napo river or simply relax and unwind.

Pygmy miles

Pygmy Miles Total

665pygmy miles

Base Miles

You receive 1 Pygmy Mile for every $1 you book with us.

60pygmy miles

Journey in Canoe

You receive 1 Pygmy Mile for every mile you travel with a motorized vehicle to reach the Yasuni Ecolodge.

167pygmy miles

Community Tourism

The Ecolodge is 100% owned by the local Kichwa community. Your visit helps support the community and protect the rainforest that they inhabit.

Total Pygmy Miles

892pygmy miles



Double Rooms

Yasuni National Park

With 12 ample and comfortable cabins, the lodge accommodates a total of 36 people, distributed in suites, doubles and triple rooms. The fully equipped cabins feature 24-hour uninterrupted electricity, security box, ventilation and a private bathroom, with a balcony and hammok surrounded by beautifully groomed natural gardens. The restaurant, serving local, national and international food, has a maximum capacity of 50 people.

Practical info


not available

The rain forest, as the name predicts, is generally wet all year round. However, the official wet season in the Amazon begins in April and can last into September. The dry season (or dryer season) is from October to March. A particularly good time to visit the Amazon is from June to August - a time when animal activity is at its peak. 



Privately guided

The Eco lodge is small and intimate with a maximum capacity of 32 people. You will join other adventurous souls at the eco-lodge on guided excursions as detailed in the itinerary. 

Service categories

Consult & Book

Pygmy Elephant will help you understand the Yasuni product offering and can combine a trip to the ecolodge with other activities, transfers, tours, hotels and lodges. Pygmy Elephant also provides all clients booking the Yasuni Eco-lodge with:
- 24 hour customer service
- Best Price Guarantee
- Expert Consultation 
- Pygmy Miles

Challenge Level

Technical Ability

Level : Low

Mental Strength

Level : Low

Physical Conditioning

Level : Low

No special skills are required to visit the eco lodge. Daily excursion are generally not demanding, however travelers can opt out of any trip they feel uncomfortable with. The facilities are quite good at the lodge with 24 hour electricity and comfortable beds. 


3 Days, 2 Nights(price per person)

  • 676 USD (in simple accommodation)
  • 548 USD (in double accommodation)
  • 456 USD (in triple accommodation) 

4 Days, 3 Nights(price per person)

  • 676 USD (in simple accommodation)
  • 548 USD (in double accommodation)
  • 456 USD (in triple accommodation)
  • Each Additional Night is $119 per person (double or triple room)  

All trips to the ecolodge include:

  • River transportation: Coca - Ecolodge - Coca
  • Entrance fee to parrot clay licks
  • Accommodation
  • All meals
  • English speaking community guide 
  • Visit and excursions according to the program
  • Entrance fee to Yasuni National Park

Not included:

  • Flight from Quito to Coca
  • Personal expenses
  • Meals and drinks not described in the itinerary
  • Tips



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