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A working cattle farm in the middle of the Pantanal


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Secluded and peacful, yet vibrant and exciting. This working farm only has 6 rooms, making interaction with guides, hosts and wildlife an intimate experience. Here, you can dive into the mysteries of the Rio Negro and see the kalidoscope of colors presented by the macaws and vast array of other avian species. A perfect spot for birders, yet there are also large mammals to track down including huge river otters, anteaters and jaguras. As it is a working farm, you can also embrace the cowboy culture and help with daily activities. Alternatively, guided horseback tours give pause for the equestrian minded and fishing for the angler. Whatever you choose to do, you will be warmly and expertly treated by Marina and Lucas, the owners and caretakers of the farm and eco lodge. 

A perfect spot for birders, yet there are also large mammals to track down including huge river otters, anteaters and jaguras.


Wildlife Viewing

The reason you are here is to see the immense range of animals present in the Pantanal. You will have the opportunity to go birdwatching for macaws, parrots and other raptors, and search for larger mammals including anteaters, giant otters, tapir, ocelot, crab eating foxes, armadillo, capybara and jaguars. There is also a sizable population of reptiles and frogs including caimans, anacondas, iguanas and lizards.


Slipping silently down the pantanal in a canoe is probably the best way to spot jaguars.

Horseback riding

With rider, horse and game becoming one, you thunder through the shallows, stirring up plumes of cooling spray as a herd of capybaras drum into the deeper waters.


The best way to get up close and personal with wildlife is by using your own two feet. Explore on your own or with the help of a guide.


Using environmentally friendly 4 stroke engines or silent electric ones, you can explore the river in a vehicle great for photography.


Fazando Barranco guarantees success for beginners - there are that many fish in the river!

And also

  • Photography
  • Chilling on the beach
  • Cattle Mustering
  • Astronomy 


The Pantanal is a wetland area of approximately 54,000 square miles, that occupies areas of western Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. The name is derived from the Portuguese word pântano, that means bog or swamp. Much of the area is submerged underwater during the wet season, which helps to support a vast array of flora and fauna. Over 1000 bird species, 400 fish species, 300 mammalian species, 480 reptile species and over 9000 different subspecies of invertebrates are thought to habitat in the Pantanal.




One of the best features of the lodge is it's remote and secluded location. To get to the lodge, you will need to either drive 5 to 6 hours / drive 2 hours and take a 30 minute plane ride / take a 50 minute plane ride (inquire for pricing). Pygmy Elephant has local contacts and can help arrange transportation to the farm. 

Once there, the itinerary for your stay will be cordinated by the lodge based on the weather, requests of guests and fauna. Below are a list of actvities that you can expect on the farm.

  • Riding: find the horse you always dreamed of! Our horses are working horses, they are well trained and there are plenty of them. 
  • Birdwatching: even for non-birders this is an attractive activity because we have dozens of spectacular birds like macaws, parrots and raptors. Have a more detailed look at this dedicated page: 
  • Open Vehicle Safari: enjoy the scenery and spot the wildlife from our comfortable custom-built Toyota Landcruiser.
  • Hiking: walk along with a guide or by yourself through forest, meadows and along the waters. A very recommended way of approaching closely to the wildlife.
  • Canoeing: paddle on the dark waters of the most pristine river in the Pantanal, the rio Negro. Meet giant otters, birds, capybaras and with some luck even jaguars, roughly 60% of the sightings are made from canoes in silence.
  • Boating: explore the river from a comfortable boat with swivel seats excellent for photography. We use silent electric engines and environment friendly Yamaha 15hp 4-stroke gas engines.
  • Fishing: success guaranteed even for beginners ! Try to catch a dorado, pacu or pintado. Catfishes, piranhas or cichlids, the water is full of fish. We also have fly-fishing tackle.
  • Campfires: after a long afternoon full of new sightings enjoy the delicious meals cooked on open fires, listen to local stories and sing under the stars ...
  • Photography: only a few places on earth rival with the Pantanal in photography opportunities. Everywhere there's something from a tiny little velvet ant, over a hyacinth macaw to a roaring jaguar, breath-taking pictures are a certitude. Several professional photographers like Olivier Grunewald or Art Wolfe and have chosen this place for some of their work.
  • Beach Chill-out: why not just hang-out on pristine beaches where only caymans will be watching you and your cold drink ?!
  • Cattle mustering: since Fazenda Barranco Alto is still a functional and traditional organic beef cattle ranch, you will find real cowboys and real working-horses on their daily work. And if this is your interest, join the on a typical work.
  • Astronomy: hundreds of kilometers away from any bigger city, you will find an amazing detailed sky. See the milky-way in a brightness you haven't seen before. See the zodiacal light, the gegenschein, Jupiter's moons and much more. We have good books, a Celestron C-Telescope and appropriate computer software.

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We reward you with 1 Pygmy Mile for every dollar you spend with us. That gives you a base of 575 Pygmy Miles.

160pygmy miles

Travel by Car / Plane

To reach the lodge from the closest airport in Campo Grande, you will either need to drive or take a small plane. We will give you one mile for every mile you drive or fly.

150pygmy miles

Science and Conservation

Fazenda Barranco Alto actively promotes environmental conservation by supporting research done by Brazilian and international universities and organizations like Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Universidade do Estado de São Paulo (UNESP), Stanford University, University of Bonn and Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS). Jorge Schweizer (father or Marina and original owner of Barranco) co-founded the “Society for the Defense of the Pantanal” (Sodepan) and, after eight years of hard research, he wrote a book about the giant otters of the Pantanal.

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Fazando Barranco Alto Lodge


Located 120 Km northwest of the small city of Aquidauana, in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Barranco Alto Farm lies at the Rio Negro (Black River) boundary, in the southern area of the Pantanal, known as Nhecolândia. Founded at the beginning of the twentieth century, Barranco Alto farm (formerly known as Barranco Branco farm) is considered to be one of the oldest in this region. The farming community there is probably not much different today than it was when established by the first nucleus of civilization of the Rio Negro. The lodge includes six rooms, with two of them being newly built.

Practical info


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The lodge is open between the 20th of February and the 15th of December.

There are reasons to visit at any time of the year, however the dry season, from July to October is the best time of year for seeing wildlife.

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We help you understand the product offering and can combine Fazenda Barranco with other activities, transfers, tours, hotels and lodges.

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Various modes of transportation can be arranged for you by Pygmy Elephant:

  • SUV with four wheel drive rental (previous experience in traveling by car in Brazil is recommended)
  • Driver from Campo Grande to Eco Lodge (Approximately 5 to 6 hours)
  • Driver to Aquidauana (two hours) and 40 minutes flight to Eco Lodge
  • Direct flight from Campo Grande (one hour)

Challenge Level

Technical Ability

Level : Low

Mental Strength

Level : Low

Physical Conditioning

Level : Low

In general, most individuals can enjoy the activities at the lodge. For less active individuals, there is the opportunity to take part in jeep safaris and motorized boat tours.


Join a guided tour

The programs and activities are guided in Portuguese, English, Spanish (under request in German and French) and will be adapted to suit the particular desires of each guest.

Pricing, Inclusions and Exclusions

R$ 760 / night / person DBL or TPL
R$ 980 / night for SGL occupation.
Prices are quoted in Brazilian Reals.

As prices may change due to occupancy and dates, inquire for exact pricing.

Included: Lodging in comfortable rooms with private bathrooms, air conditioning and ceiling fans, private veranda, wi-fi internet, shared guides fluent in English and 2 daily tours. FULL BOARD (including soft drinks, beers and caipirinhas).

Not included: Transfers, laundry service, wines (can be purchased), tips and non-mentioned extras.

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