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Great White Sharks
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$3,095 (plus tax)



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Pygmy miles
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Staring into the eyes of a Great White is simultaneously mesmerizing and slightly terrifying. Just remind yourself a state of the art cage separates you from this apex predator. The crystal clear water off the coast of Guadalupe Island, where visibility extends for 100 feet and the water temperature hovers between 65 and 70 F, is perhaps the best place to view Great White sharks in the world. The luxury liveaboard ship Solmar V will be your base to see the sharks on a five day tour. For non-divers, two surface cages can accommodate up to 4 divers at a time. With only 20 people aboard and rotations every 45 minutes to one hour all day, each guest receives ample opportunity for viewing. For divers, descending into a submersible cage 30 feet below the surface allows for a completely different perspective. The International Union for Conservation of Nature places Great White Sharks as a vulnerable species. Your experience with the sharks should teach you respect and admiraton for this oft misunderstood animal. 

Second cover photo and experience photo by actual guests of Solmar V. Credit Marty Wolff and Eric Hanauer.



Through the use of two surface cages that feed air via hookahs, divers can enjoy the thrill of meeting a great white shark without PADI certification.


Chef Tony prepares both Mexican and American inspired meals. Both lunch and dinner are three course affairs. During the day there is always fresh fruit available, hot chocolate and a never-ending supply of guacamole.

Scuba diving

For those that are PADI certified, a submersible cage at 30 feet provides unparalleled views. A divemaster escorts two divers at a time on 20 minute dives.

And also

  • The Solmar V has a great topside shark viewing deck right above the surface cages where guests can watch the action between dives.


Guadalpue is a small island approximately 165 miles west of Ensenada, Mexico, with a population of only 213 people. Guadalupe Island is considred one of the world’s best location for viewing, photography and video of great white sharks. The visibility is often more than 100’ and the water temperature averages between 65F-70F. 




This is cage diving at its most exciting using surface supplied air (hookah) instead of scuba tanks.  Therefore, it is not necessary to be a certified scuba diver in order to participate in these trips. For those individuals who are scuba divers, Solmar V also offers diving in a submersible cage. This allows one to descend a little further into the world of the great white shark. The submersible cage is lowered to a depth of 30 ft below the surface of the water and it provides a completely different perspective to the great white shark cage diving experience. One of Solmar V's divemasters escorts two divers at a time on these 20 minute dives. All certified divers that wish to experience the submersible cage can do so as many times as conditions will allow.   


Arrival and Transfer to Guadalupe Island

A luxury motor coach will pick you up at the "host" hotel, San Diego, California at 10:00 AM and transfer you to Ensenada, Mexico. It is recommended to arrive the day before and stay one night at this "host" hotel. (Note: in your pre-trip information sheet you will receive specifies address and contact information for the "host" hotel). You will arrive at the Solmar V by 1:00 PM with immediate departure to Guadalupe Island.


Arrival to Guadalupe Island

Arrive early morning to Guadalupe Island and after setting up the cages, divers start rotating in teams into the cages as soon as the first shark appears. This does not usually take very long and, for the most part, when one shows up others are not far behind. All the photos of the great white sharks were taken by individuals who have actually traveled to Guadalupe with Solmar V - a testament to how close the sharks come to the boat and the cages.


Cage Diving

Cage diving all day with plenty of great photo opportunities. Solmar V is the only liveaboard to offer a three man cage that is lowered 30 ft. for a different perspective. You must be certified for this cage and guests are accompanied by a divemaster.


Cage Diving and return

After more cage diving, you will start the journey back to Ensenada at the end of the day.


Arrival to San Diego

Arrive to port mid-day where the luxury motor coach will be waiting to take you back to San Diego. Return time to San Diego is between 4:00 - 6:00 PM depending on border traffic. Recommended departure flights after 8:00 PM or the next day.

Pygmy miles

Pygmy Miles Total

Motorized Vehicle
3095pygmy miles

Base Miles

The 5 day / 4 night tour costs $3,095 per person (+ 16% Mexican IVA Tax). For every $1 you book with Pygmy Elephant, excluding taxes & fees, you earn 1 Pygmy Mile.

84pygmy miles

San Diego - Ensenada

Guests will be picked up in San Diego and transferred via motor coach to Ensenada, approximately 84 miles away. You earn 1 Pygmy Mile for every mile driven.

250pygmy miles

Ensenada - Guadalupe

It takes between 16 and 18 hours to reach Guadalupe Island from Ensenada, covering a distance of approximately 250 miles. You earn 1 Pygmy Mile for every mile traveled by boat.

310pygmy miles

Generates understanding of nature and wildlife

From Solmar V" Our guests' experiences are enriched through wildlife observation and, through these unforgettable encounters, the wildlife and environment is better appreciated and understood and thus, better protected".

Total Pygmy Miles

3739pygmy miles



Solmar V

Where the seas take it

The interior of the Solmar V is outfitted in brass, rich mahogany, granite table tops and is completely carpeted. It is a gracious and beautiful boat. The salon comfortably seats all of our guests and offers a large-screen HDTV, VCR, DVD player and stereo system. Each mahogany-detailed stateroom features air conditioning with individual controls, a private head, sink and shower and a TV/DVD player for your enjoyment. All staterooms have top-of-the-line "Pillow-Top" mattresses and down pillows, and new carpet.

Practical info


$3095.00 + 16% Mexican IVA Tax = $3590.20 sub-total per person + $15.00 (National Park fee)
$3605.20 Total Per Person


  • Accommodation & transportation on the Solmar V
  • All meals (gourmet dining daily and wine with dinner)
  • Snacks, soft drinks and beer
  • Cage diving while on the Solmar V
  • Round-trip luxury motor coach transfers from San Diego to Ensenada
  • Flights
  • Hotels before and after 
  • Travel Insurance


not available

The tour runs from August to November. In the inquire form, you will see the exact dates. Just choose Great White Shark Encounter.


Join a guided tour

The Solmar V will accommodate a maximum of 20 guests on each trip. Specialist divemasters will be there to help assist and guide you.

Service categories

Consult & Book

 We help you understand the product offering, book the trip with our partner and guide you through the preparation process. 

Pygmy Elephant provides: 

  • Transfer arrangements: to San Diego and back. 
  • Pre-departure support: what to pack, arranging travel insurance and informing on travel advisories
  • 24 hour customer service: if something goes wrong, we have your back
  • Pygmy Miles: receive discounts off future travel

Challenge Level

Technical Ability

Level : Low

Mental Strength

Level : Medium

Physical Conditioning

Level : Low

All with an adventurous spirit can join the surface cage dives, however only those with PADI certification will be allowed in the submersible cage. Mental Strength is considered medium - you are completely safe inside the cage (100% safety record since 2005) - but staring a great white shark in the mouth can make the pulse run quick of even the hardest of adventures (100% shark encounter success rate since 2005 also).

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