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Costa Brava: In Lux and Style

Costa Brava

Along the Costa Brava in 7 Stages





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Pygmy Elephant has created a seven stage, sixty eight mile hike in the stunning Costa Brava of Spain. The journey starts in the south of Palamos and travels north to the area around Cadaques. It has a combination of beautiful coastal scenery, high quality accommodation, interesting towns, secluded beaches and a varied amount of challenges in the hiking stages. We've included two nights at the same location often, as there is a lot to do and experience in each place. Furthermore, you won't feel rushed to pack-up and leave, just when you are starting to get comfortable. Costa Brava begs for a slower pace; the towns and culture are just as much of a highlight as the views are. 



You'll walk 68 miles along the famed Costa Brava, exploring tiny fishing villages, secluded beaches and jagged cliffs along the way.


Possibly the most famous restaurant in the world until its closure in 2011, the three Michelin star restaurant El Bulli called Roses of Costa Brava home. The gastronomic tradition carries on with fantastic restaurants and gastronomy.

Cultural Immersion

From a vibrant sea-side fishing culture to the Salvador Dali musuem, Costa Brava is home to a rich trove of culture.


Life in Costa Brava

Costa Brava, which translates to "Wild Coast" in Spanish, stretches along the northeastern coast of Catalonia, Spain. Renowned for its rugged coastline, pristine beaches, picturesque villages, and rich cultural heritage, life in Costa Brava is a harmonious blend of tradition, natural beauty, and modernity.

At the heart of Costa Brava lies its stunning coastline, characterized by dramatic cliffs, hidden coves, and crystal-clear waters. Residents and visitors alike are drawn to its numerous beaches, each offering a unique ambiance. From bustling resort towns like Lloret de Mar to quieter, secluded spots like Calella de Palafrugell, there's a beach to suit every preference.

The Mediterranean climate of Costa Brava ensures mild winters and warm summers, making outdoor activities a year-round affair. Locals often indulge in leisurely strolls along the coastal paths, exploring hidden coves, and soaking up the sun on sandy shores. Water sports enthusiasts flock to the region for opportunities to snorkel, dive, sail, and windsurf in the azure waters of the Mediterranean.

Food plays a central role in daily life in Costa Brava, with Catalan gastronomy celebrated for its freshness and flavor. Seafood dishes reign supreme, with specialties like grilled sardines, seafood paella, and suquet de peix (fish stew) making regular appearances on menus. Visitors can also savor traditional Catalan fare such as botifarra (sausage), escalivada (grilled vegetables), and crema catalana (a creamy dessert similar to crème brûlée).

The laid-back pace of life in Costa Brava encourages residents to savor the simple pleasures of daily living. Evenings are often spent dining al fresco at local restaurants, enjoying lively conversations with friends and family over glasses of regional wine. As night falls, the coastline comes alive with the twinkling lights of seaside bars and clubs, offering entertainment well into the early hours.






Arrival in Platja d'Aro

Welcome to Catalonia! You will spend your first night in Platja d'Aro.


Sant Feliu de Guixols to Platja d'Aro - 7 miles

The hike from Sant Feliu de Guíxols to Platja d'Aro is stunning and an excellent introduction to the hiking experience along Costa Brava, which often meanders along seafront promenades. The trail you'll follow is the GR 92, marked by two horizontal lines: a white top line and a red bottom line. This route is more urbanized compared to most of the others you'll encounter along Costa Brava, offering opportunities to stop for food and supplies in the towns along the way. However, it's advisable to start with an ample water supply. As you depart from the Sant Feliu de Guíxols marina, you'll be treated to breathtaking cliff views overlooking the sea. Take time to appreciate the small beaches and coves scattered along the hike. The main deviation from the seaside occurs at Platja d'Aro, where you'll navigate around the marina and through the heart of the town. Once past the town, you'll reach your accommodation for the evening.


Platja d'Aro to Calella de Palafrugell - 11 miles

The day starts by traversing along sandy beaches, before arriving at the small, but bustling town of Palamos. From here, the trail is relatively easy due to the minimal elevation changes. The path along the Costa Brava from Palamós to Calella Palafrugell reveals a captivating blend of natural beauty and historical charm. This hike is moderately difficulty at times for rocky trail conditions and thick forest cover. It otherwise invites hikers to traverse a diverse landscape that transitions from ancient ruins to vibrant fishing villages and serene pine forests to striking red stone cliffs. The trail, flanked by breathtaking beaches, guides adventurers through a tapestry of Mediterranean hues. Amidst this picturesque panorama lies the miniscule village of s’Alguer, where white fisherman’s huts adorned in a spectrum of colors paint a scene of nostalgia. A scarcity of drinking water sources underscores the importance of packing ample hydration. Seek out secluded havens like Canyers, Corbs, Estreta, Planes, and the captivating cove of El Crit, accessible through a rock keyhole.


Calella de Palafrugell to Begur, Continue to Cap Sa Sal - 10 miles

Today you have an exhilarating hike from Calella de Palafrugell to Cap Sa Sal in front of you. Begin your journey at thecharming arcades of Calella de Palafrugell, passing through the historic gems of Llafranc and Tamariu. The Torre de Calella Watchtower is worth a visit, while the Iberian Settlement of San Sebastia de Guarda offers glimpses into ancient life, as it dates back to the 4th century BC. The trail also features the Far de San Sebastia, a lighthouse perched on a cliff with views of the Mediterannean. Another highlight is the panorama of the coastline from the high point of your trek in Begur. It's definitely worth the uphil climb. For the adventurous, optional detours to Cala d'Aiguablava and Far de Cap de Begur are possible.


Sa Tuna to Sa Punta - Round Trip - 6.7 miles

Today's hike, although short, does have undulating terrain as the path hugs the coastline. After leaving the hotel via the road, you'll come to the Camí de Ronda path shortly. On this stage you'll pass by Cap des Forn, Punta de la Creu, and Punta d'en Toni before arriving at your first beach, Platja de sa Riera. After a quick dip, get back on the trail and pass by a few more beaches, including the Platja Nudista de l'Illa Roja, where you might spot bathers enjoying the outdoors "au naturel". Finally, arrive at Platja del Raco near Sa Punta. Here, you can relax and enjoy the waves, food, and beauty of the Costa Brava.


Palau-Saverdera to Cadaqués - 13.2 miles

Today's hike to Cadaqués is long and starts with a very brisk climb out of Palau-Saverdera directly up the mountain, gaining about 550 meters over 3 km. The ruins of the Castel de Sant Salvador de Verdera marks the summit, which, at 682 meters, is the highest point around. The path then turns northwest and passes the Coll de la Verdera to Santa Creu de Rodes, before doubling back to the Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes; you can skip this and save 2 km by taking a zig-zag path just after the col down to the monastery. From here the rocky path follows the 6041 road for about 4 km as it hairpins down the ridge to el Port de Selva. Turn south and inland here, then turn southeast after the Cementiri del Port de la Selva. This final 10-km stretch is a mostly straight shot to Cadaqués with two climbs, the first 240 meters over 1 km, and the second 150 meters over 2 km. Finish the day with a 3-km descent into town.


Lighthouse Trek - 8.3 miles

This popular out-and-back to the Far del Cap de Creus follows a rocky path just inland from the coast, allowing for excellent views of the scrubby landscape and the clear water in the many inlets below. Though this stage is easier, there is very little "flat" walking; rather, it is a series of steep but short climbs and descents. The first 3 km after leaving Cadaques
involve some road walking and several crossings, but a bit after Port Lligat the path turns into the olive orchards and scrub of the Catalan coast. From here it is a straight shot to the lighthouse, on the eastern-most point of the Iberian Peninsula. Consider lunch at the Restaurant Cap de Creus, which serves Catalan-Indian cuisine.


Cadaqués to Roses - 9.7 miles

Today's path starts south along the stony beaches of the Punta de Sa Costa before turning inland at es Llaner Petit and immediately uphill. You will vaguely trace the Cami de Jóncols as you climb 185 meters over the next 1.5 km, crossing the road multiple times. The uphill pitch lessens slightly after the Mas d’en Baitre, where the path turns left and traces the
hillside to the Puig d’en Manyana. Then, take a steep descent back to sea level at Cala Jóncols. After this point, the trail follows the undulating coastline for almost 11 km to your destination just outside Roses; the only climb of note is to Coll del Canadell.


Day at Leisure in Roses

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660pygmy miles

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Hotel Cala del Pi

Platja d'Aro

The Hotel Cala del Pi unapologetically describes itself as elegant, and it has every right to do so. This seafront, adults-only hotel offers impressive spa facilities, rooms with sea views, a highly rated restaurant with handselected wine cellar, and direct access to the Cala del Pi, a
charming cove with crystal clear water (bring your room key for access!). You could do worse than spending a night or two here.

Hotel Sant Roc

Calella de Palafrugell

Located just south of Calella de Palafrugell’s main beaches, on a cliff overlooking the town and the Mediterranean, the Hotel Sant Roc is a charming hotel with bright, airy rooms and a terrace with a spectacular view. Unwind and relax at the hotel, or walk just a few minutes to the city center or
one of the three sandy beaches.

Hotel Cap sa Sal


Hotel Cap sa Sal is set spectacularly in the cliffs of Costa Brava, with sweeping views of deep blue waves crashing into the rocks below. Despite its size—it dominates the cliff upon which it is built—the hotel has only 10 rooms. Relax and unwind by wandering the footpaths on hotel property, or taking a dip in the pool in the rocks below the hotel,
reachable by parapet.

Hotel Playasol


Cadaqués is unique on the Costa Brava, a far-flung fishing village tucked into the largest uninhabited area of the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Hotel Playasol is built on the east side of the cove, close enough to explore Cadaqués’ charm while avoiding the minor bustle of the waterfront.
Tucked behind the hotel is a large garden lined with pine and olive trees, complete with pool and restaurant.

Hotel Vistabella


Hotel Vistabella, a hidden 5-star gem nestled in a beautiful corner of Roses, Spain. Sitting on top of a small cliff overlooking the cove of Bonifaci, the hotel offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as access to the sandy beaches of Canyelles Petites and La Almadraba.

Practical info


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The Costa Brava can be hiked all year round, however Pygmy Elephant's season runs from March to October. Our favorite time of year to make the hike is in the Spring and Fall, when temperatures are a bit milder. July and August can be particularly hot, so take this into consideration when choosing your departure date. 


Self guided

Self guided does not mean you are alone. We help you coordinate and plan your trip beforehand. Once you are on the trail, we provide 24-hour customer service in case there are any urgent issues with your bookings.

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Challenge Level

Technical Ability

Level : Low

Mental Strength

Level : Low

Physical Conditioning

Level : Medium

  • No technical skills are needed to hike the Costa Brava. The trail is marked, however having a GPS will be helpful in some of the remote locations. 
  • Hiking 7 stages requires some mental fortiture. When your muscles ache, you'll need to push yourself and carry on. Still, it's possible to skip stages by utilizing a taxi.  
  • The first few stages do not have a significant amount of elevation gain and loss. Still, they will be good training for your last three stages, which are longer and harder. 


Approximately $2,750 per person, based on double occupancy

After initial consultation, we will customize your itinerary to meet your fitness level, budget, accommodation wishes and schedule. Depending on the journey, it might be possible to skip stages, rearrange their order, substitute accommodations, and add or subtract transfers. Find more information on the base itinerary and possible customizations below.

Base itinerary

  • 9 nights accommodation, as outlined in itinerary
  • Breakfast at all locations

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  • Rest days or free days

Not Included

  • Airfare
  • Travel insurance
  • In-situ transportation fees

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Our Managing Director, Andrew, has been to over 40 countries in his quest for the perfect adventure. He has biked the death road in Bolivia, trekked 500 miles across northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago, cycled from Brussels to Florence and hiked the five sacred mountains of China. Pygmy Elephant is how he spreads his love for adventure and self discovery in the world.