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Adventurous Argentina:
Rafting in Mendoza, Canopy tour in Salta, Estancia in Buenos Aires

Crafted Journeys

A private and customizable tour through 3 epic locations in Argentina


Boutique Hotels, Estancia


10 Nights / 11 Days

Trip Details

Privately hosted, Private Activities except for rafting which is a shared group experience


$3,561 per person (based on two-person sharing)


Private car transfers, Flights not included

Pygmy miles


Pygmy miles
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A balance of peace and contentment will be struck with fast-paced adventure on this 11-day excursion throughout Argentina. As you navigate the country, the range of possibilities is noticeably endless. Your first top, Buenos Aires. 

Buenos Aires (Days 1, 2)

You will first become enveloped in the cosmopolitan experience of the capital: Buenos Aires, exploring the most unique and notable attractions the city has to offer on a privately guided half day tour.

Mendoza (Days 2 - 5)

A quick flight to Mendoza will have you navigating the gorgeous Uco Valley by bike. The 5 km trip will take your senses of taste and smell on a ride as you enjoy the region's finest wineries, a gourmet six-course lunch, and an unparalleled view of the Andes Mountains. A view that is perhaps only beaten by the nearby mountain village of Potrerillos, where you will battle the white-waters of the Mendoza river by raft. The incredible landscape will surround you as you take on the challenge of conquering level 3 and 4 rapids on a roughly 13 km trip downriver.

Salta (Days 5 - 9)

 Hop on another quick flight to Salta where your adventure continues to pick up momentum as you trek La Yesera & Quebrada de las Conchas in the Calchaqui valley. You will be absorbed in picturesque landscapes and vibrant geological formations that years of erosion have made tough to find anywhere else. From there a rafting trip awaits that will weave you 12 km through mountain formations with nearly 65 million years of history in the Juramento Canyon. After exploring the canyon through its river, you will take to the sky and glide across it from above on a canopy tour in a region at the heart of the Juramento River's gorge known as Peñas Blancas. The journey doesn't stop there as you move from Salta to San Lorenzo and hop back on a bike for a 15 km tour of the beautiful village's foothills, clear streams, and rivers.

Estancia (Days 9 - 11)

Finally, your experience will come full circle as you make your way back to Buenos Aires, where you can effortlessly unwind doing any of the lovely activities at the Estancia La Sofia. From horseback riding to birdwatching, you will have plenty of time to reflect on your recent adventures, both adrenaline packed and tranquil, and embrace the feelings of accomplishment and fulfillment sprung from looking back on all you have done. 



Experience the thrill and beauty of whitewater rafting.



A full-day, 5 km winery tour in the Uco Valley.

A half-day bike tour through San Lorenzo's foothills and streams, nearly 26 km of riding.


Half-day tour of the Mendoza river, takes you 13 km across class 3 and 4 rapids.

A full day rafting/canopy tour of the Juramento Canyon. Rafting portion takes you 12 km across level 2 and 3 rapids in the Juramento River.


The canopy tour following the rafting tour of the Juramento Canyon takes you 140 meters above the ground, with ziplines as long as 500 meters helping you fly over the canyon at speeds up to 30 km/hr.

And also

Enjoy a multitude of activities offered by the Estancia La Sofia. Half and full-day excursions on horseback with picnic or a “gaucho barbecue” are available; and a range of further activities such as swimming, croquet, bird watching, and peaceful countryside walks in the pampas.


The Argentina Adventure tour will take you across an eclectic group of environments. While you will always remain within the Argentinian borders, you will travel 4,250 miles total, moving from Buenos Aires, to Mendoza, then to Salta and back. In between these trips you will make stops at nearby landmarks and towns like the Uco Valley, Potrerillos, the Calchaqui Valley, Juramento Canyon, and San Lorenzo. 






Passengers will be received at the international airport (EZE) by an English speaking guide, who will accompany them to the Hotel Pulitzer. While on the transfer, the guide will provide an introduction to the country and explain helpful information for them to have in mind for the whole trip, private service with English speaking guide.

Once you arrive to the hotel, a person from the Sales team will welcome them to the country and provide all the information about the trip they have ahead.


Buenos Aires Tour / Mendoza Arrival

Half day city tour of Buenos Aires where the major attractions of the capital will be observed.

In the afternoon you will be picked up before the flight to Mendoza and taken to the airport.

When you land, you will be transferred from Mendoza airport to Lares de Chacras hotel.


Bike Tour: Uco Valley

Spend the day biking 5 km and indulging in the finest wineries Mendoza has to offer. A gourmet six-course lunch will be served as an incredible view of the Andes will be a constant backdrop to your day.


Rafting Tour: Mendoza

We will leave Mendoza City to head for Potrerillos, a mountain village surrounded by a wonderful landscape and an impressive dam which takes its name. You will take on the challenge of level 3 and 4 rapids on a roughly 13 km trip downriver.


Travel to Salta

You will be picked up for your flight to Salta. Upon landing you will be taken to the Kkala Hotel.


Full Day Trek: La Yesera & Quebrada de las Conchas

Spend the day trekking La Yesera & Quebrada de las Conchas in the Calchaqui valley, which is known for its unique and colorful geologic formations.


Rafting and Canopy Tour: Juramento Canyon

Spend the first half of the day rafting 12 km down the Juramento River, enveloping yourself within the beautiful landscape of the Juramento Canyon, a giant cut open between the mountains whose walls are 65 million years ago.

Follow that by taking to the skies and observing the canyon from above as you glide across ziplines 140 meters above the ground.


San Lorenzo: Bike Tour

You will hop back on a bike and cruise along a gravel road going through some beautiful clear streams and rivers along the way during your 26 km ride around the foothills of the San Lorenzo village.


Back to the Capital

You will be picked up and brought to the airport for your flight to Buenos Aires. Once you arrive, you will be taken to the Estancia La Sofia.


Estancia La Sofia

Enjoy your last full day relaxing and taking in any of the many activities the Estancia has to offer. From horseback riding to swimming in their pool, you will certainly be able to absorb and feel the fulfillment of all that you have accomplished on your journey.



Give Argentina a woeful goodbye as you are taken to the international airport for your trip back home.

Pygmy miles

Pygmy Miles Total

4738pygmy miles

Total Pygmy Miles

Pygmy Miles can be redeemed in 5,000 mile increments of $25 - either for a discount off a future trip or given to a charity of your choosing.



Hotel Pulitzer

Buenos Aires

Enjoy this comfortable 4-star boutique hotel in the heart of Argentina's capital. A walk outside its doors will place you right into the action of Buenos Aires' cosmopolitan culture.

Lares de Chacras


This vibrant boutique hotel offers you luxury both on and off its grounds. Its pool, hot tub, and regional focused restaurant are enough to keep even the most weary of travelers content, while a quick trip outside its doors will have you exploring some of the finest wine country the world has to offer.



Kkala is a charming boutique hotel located at the foot of a mountain, in the exclusive residential area of Tres Cerritos in Salta. The hotel combines tradition with unique antiques and regional craftsmanship.

The library invites guests to relax by the fireplace and enjoy the unpretentious hospitality of our staff.

Kkala Boutique Hotel is only five minutes away from the city center; perfect for exploring the city, or enjoying typical food in a local restaurant or prepared in house.

Start the day with a cozy breakfast in the dining room filled with stunning aromas and overlooking Salta and its mountains.

Estancia La Sofia

Buenos Aires

La Sofía is a colonial-style ranch with six spacious, comfortable and welcoming en-suite rooms. It's polo fields, pool, and nearby walking trails are only some of the many accommodations that make this boutique hotel one of a kind.

Practical info


Price per person based on double occupancy: $3,561


This trip includes:
  • Consultation, packing and preparation support.
  • Private transport to and from hotels and airports
  • Standard double room at Pulitzer Hotel (1 night w/ breakfast)
  • Standard double at Lares de Chacras hotel (3 nights w/ breakfast)
  • Standard double at Kkala hotel (4 nights w/ breakfast)
  • Standard double at Estancia la Sofia (2 nights, full board w/ activities)
  • HD (half day) Buenos Aires city tour with private guide
  • FD (full day) Uco Valley winery bike tour with private guide
  • HD white water rafting tour in Mendoza River
  • FD trekking of La Yesera and Quebrada de las Conchas with private guide
  • FD rafting and canopy tour of Juramento canyon
  • HD San Lorenzo bike tour
This trip does not include:
  • Flights


not available

Argentina can be visited happily year-round, however many feel the best times to go are from April-June (fall) or from September-December (spring). These sweet shoulder seasons usher in mild temperatures, thin crowds, and colorful foliage. Fall and spring also boast reasonable hotel prices. During January and February—Buenos Aires' summertime and peak tourist season—crowds as well as hotel room rates start to swell. While this season remains a popular time to visit, temperatures often rise into the 90s and a muggy heat hangs in the air. The off-season starts in June and ends in August and usually has more rainy days, colder winter temps, and fewer tourists.


Privately guided

All of your activities and transportation to/from airports and hotels will be private with exception to the rafting tours which will be a shared service. 

Service categories

Pygmy Itineraries

From Scratch

This itinerary has been designed by Pygmy Elephant. We work with local partners to create the tour, which is then locally supported. The itinerary can be lightly customized including different hotels and experiences in each location. It is also possible to add in or substitute other destinations to the itinerary. In this case, we would create a “From Scratch” journey that is cusomtized just for you.

Pygmy Itinerary inlcudes all of the above, plus:

  • Initial Consultation: ​we will discuss budget, experience and desires. Then depending on whether you would like them, suggest two other trip ideas (three in total). 
  • Tailoring of Itinerary:​ ­after choosing your trip, we will then dive into creating one that is customized to you. We can  change out hotels, offer different experiences and change the type of transfers, however if you would like to change the destinations, then you should choose A From Scratch itinerary.
  • Pre­-departure support:​ we help you choose what to pack, arrange travel insurance if necessary and inform on travel advisors.
  • 24 hour customer service:​ if something goes wrong, we have your back.
  • Best Price Guarantee:​ if you find a better price on the internet, we'll match it.
  • Pygmy Miles:​ receive discounts off future travel.
  • Price Transparency: ​we break the price down to each payable line item.

From Scratch inlcudes all of the above, plus:

  • Complete Customization of Itinerary: ​After consultation, we customize the itinerary to fit you perfectly including different destinations. 
  • In depth research: ​You may have a request that requires in depth research. This is always included in From Scratch Itineraries.

Challenge Level

Technical Ability

Level : Low

Mental Strength

Level : Low

Physical Conditioning

Level : Medium

  • Technical Ability: There will not be a whole lot on this trip that requires strong technical skills. Rafting, zip-lining, and horseback riding (if you decide to do it) will be the most technical activities and still should be very manageable for beginners as the guides will be happy to instruct you.
  • Mental Strength: Ideally this trip's mix of adventure and elegance will have you feeling great mentally the whole way through. The rafting tours and the canopy tour may test your bravery for those new to either experience but pushing on and getting to the end will be well worth it and feel even more redeeming if you were nervous going into it.
  • Physical Conditioning: This is a very active trip and while the rafting, biking, and trekking tours will not be overly taxing physically, be prepared to move around regularly and be tired by the end of your days. 

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